png?….jpeg?….pdf? from dwg

may anyone have a opinion please…….. we would like to put 2d layouts / full coloring (10+) surface designs mainly.;
(these designs are on the dwg auto cad report and obviously not necessarily universally read), onto a website that will present these in thumbnail as well as full screen measurement……… in the tests Concerning done pdf’s are generally great quality nonetheless are huge, jpegs help to make smooth lines jagged…….. png’s seem ideal but aren’t read by many web browsers…….. anyone know any kind of info or have experience of the……….. yeah illustrator should’ve been learnt decades ago! hope this should the right line…………………………. mike

Png is definitely perfectly safe. The following webpage alone functions 42 png photos. The only browser with which has an issue will be IE6, and that’s provided that it has the alpha layer. Furthermore, that browser should be used by 1% from the English speaking universe.

As responded in another thread… Earlier…

Help to make your thumbnails inside jpg format…

Pdf’s created from within autocad while using export option will be fullsize… Which you truly don’t need… PNGs are usually supported by most browsers, but certain PNG formats continue to are issues.

WE use adobe 7. 0 professional to help resize the Pdfs… Down to regarding quarter size what exactly autocad exports all of them at… You will often have the option to be able to " print to help PDF" depending with your version of autocad, then you should have choices to print to your specific size or perhaps percentage of primary…

thankyou Kayo, Webzarus in your insights……. I am juggling board the things that you have said…………… Webzarus, although my thumbnails are certainly not photos you recommend to ensure they’re jpegs not gifs many thanks again mike

Use PNG’s only thing is IE (like type 6 or something) wont read transparency in case you have a transparent qualifications other wise I’m sure your okay to apply PNG

Paul… what are outside patterns

Is this something that men and women will download as well as print to pieces of paper, or use online

In case you are concerned about men and women taking the pictures without permission, you may want
in order to display them as JPG with inadequate quality, like 75%, or perhaps watermark them.

If it’s something that men will see to illustrate of the true thing, create 3 copies
of every image… 1) thumbnail, 2) heart size for simply just showing it, 3) this original
total resolution, huge image.

Only display YOU and 2 on the website. 3 will be downloaded by an individual (not viewed on website).

If you may not be using alpha transparency or do not need more than 256 colorations then exporting just as one 8-bit PNG is the way to go.

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