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hello there im designing a different layout. and starting to your workplace on my own as a freelancer, i worked within a company earlier. bt dnt have work of my own ring new company.
so how can i get clients implementing that websites. while they ill see da perform first.


You mean on the web get clients to help you build a stock portfolio to eventually receive more clients

various options…

start by canvasing local companies and researching to discover if they have a very web site… or… offer to complete them " cheap"… in this financial state many small businesses are trying to find anything that will help them…


find some neighborhood charities or organizations dress yourself in need a web site… many don’t get much money so again… really low-cost or free… or try a location like http: //volunteermatch. org and search their exclusive opportunities… there are always organizations seeking web design guide… and most will not only allow you to help list them in your site in a person’s portfolio… many gives you a written recommendation for that asking ( providing you with actually did good work with them )

It’s easy plus cheap enough to acquire a hosting package that supports multiple domains and many sub-domains…

in case you get a client that might like a site but doesn’t possess a budget to make a case for… get them to buy the domain name ( a lot less than $10. 00 )… point it in your hosting provider…

sometimes starting… you will should want to do cheap work… but that’s not saying you’ve got to accomplish cheap work… the entire point of offering these items is to BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO… so when you do this… it gives you an opportunity to show your knowledge to potential clients in time…

there are very few businesses that you could start and develop a business off of your $200. 00 investment(hosting and domains ), but it is one… and if you’re really talented in web design.. you’ll re-coup that very fast… if you’re even now learning… you’ll however get that back… it just may have a little longer

Just build a few sample website over a sub. domain within your domain.

isaac bt sick it charge my family. u mean to generate mock layouts d display them until i get couple clients irght

mock layouts may be displayed free bt space ill charge me personally right or will there be some way i can help it out

Okay, pink elephant within the room here and also I don’t health care what anyone believes of me going it out.

For starters, you’re going to obtain to work on your own writing skills. You’ve got three posts on this thread and all of them are nearly unreadable. If you contact prospective clients how you have here, you may not land any.

Today, on to the challenge… which isn’t really problems. If you worked for any former company, you are able to still link towards the client sites and include them in your portfolio. All you should do is explain the job that you would and who you did it to get. if you done it, it matters.

You’ll simply need to build a portfolio site and choose a proper domain and host correctly. If you’re gonna complain and move cheap on that part of it… see that " writing skills" comment.

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