Posting youtube videos in your blog entries

Regarding youtube videos… Say I find something interesting within a news website which includes a youtube video. (actually I might see the very same video on youtube itself also of course)… If the video finishes, you’ll find " embed" code as well as a URL link.

When it has an embed code, does it imply that the original poster of the video is letting anyone to add that video to be able to his website Or even does that embed thing appear regardless of the, even if the original poster dont want it to appear any other website (i in no way posted on dailymotion so I dont know)

Financial well being, can I just use youtube video freely in the news blog not having getting permission, particularly if I saw the item in another weblog or news web site

I would say it’s great, as anyone which uploads video that will YouTube can disable embedding.
http: //www. yahoo and google. com/support/youtube/bin/answer. pyhl=en& answer=74648

Duplicating and pasting from another forum, tsk tsk lol

As for me I don’t like when we have a video file in a very blog entry. I’d like to see to browse the video nonetheless it costs much for me – so I feel disappointed


You pay a Kb for Internet Where don’t you live.

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