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Is there the right way to set a limit on what number of times something can be printed on a website For illustration, lets say concerning a coupon upon my website, and i only want three people every single child print the minute coupon, and then that print function shuts off. If someone can help me out on this i would really regards!

Thanks before hand!!!

Only should you had a logon system that tracked it. However, anything than is often printed can be photo copied / scanned / preserved as PDF / saved as being a screenshot.

Each coupon features a unique code… any time redeemed, it gets marked-off inside the
collection as " currently used". It wouldn’t matter the number of someone copies,
it could actually only be used just the once. The database would have a way associated with determining
that you will find three of these, but still, everyone of those would have got a unique code
of some kind.

A simple coding method that only you discover how to decipher in man or women,
as well as through coding… when they redeem it on-line somewhere.

A PHP/MySQL database could well be required either approach,
and make use of PHP GD to graphically code this coupon image with all your text (codes, barcode).


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