Problems with Image Placement in IE

POST used this program code for positioning the navigation menu turned image.

place: absolute;
still left: 100px;
top rated: 20px;

Used to do this in Firefox.
So, I adjusted it so it fitted within the place where I wanted.
Nonetheless. when I seen it in IE the idea goes slightly upwards and slightly rightwards.
Then I used this particular,

foam: 0px;
border: 0px;

And now, it works excellent in up-down way.
Nonetheless in right-left, the problem still exists which is going little extra right.

How do i eradicate this and acquire a nice code compatible for anyone browsers
Aid me.

As well as, if you learn any articles or tutorials on this subject IE problems. website it.

I suggest seeking a CSS reset before you decide to load your own CSS file.
Here is an example of a CSS reset to zero:
CSS Gear: Reset CSS

It basically sets everything into a known spot for anyone browsers.

Load the CSS reset file before you decide to load your private CSS file.


Normally, without seeing your site, we can’t carry out much. Give us the URL for a site.

If you are using a ul record the margin left are going to be different in IE. I usually have to do an IE conditional with a negative margin left to obtain it where I need it. Code would help in the event you got it, or maybe a link.

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