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Hi, I was looking for help around online till i slipped into this forum.
I would like to ask quite a few advice, I’m working away at an homepage and it’s going brilliant. Although, Internet Explorer is definitely killing my fun, it’s all nice working on Firefox and the other browsers, but the moment i available my page around Internet Explorer my spouse and i wanna /facepalm.
There are actually 2 problems i cant often fix for IE, you are the little food selection opening on initial link, with Firefox it’s for the proper place but once i open it having IE it’s thrown into the right: -\
Second problem will be the lightbox in gallery article. The background need to go dark gray, and it does with firefox. Just as before, i open the item with IE and it also leaves about 200-300pixels minus the transparency on the best.
I am looking towards people helping us find solution intended for these problems.
The particular page is: http: //web. area. ee/inflames/index_eng. html
Gives thanks!

PS! Don’t criticize the design cus it is the next thing i can start working at after i comprehend it working properly about IE: -D

you are using margins for you to position your list. A better (or extra consistent) way is usually to give the li’s " position: relative; " and use top/left for your div menu.

therefore the line that pronounces: " margin: 8px 100px; " – reduce it and cause it to " top: 30px; quit: 0px; " (or no matter what works for you). The key thing is to assure the parent li (and perhaps the ul) features a position: relative.

Expectation it helps.

Hm okay, but about in which Lightbox, i tried changing the size and style of it, i acquired it going with IE, but then it had been too big to get Firefox and oughout could scroll it into the right cus the actual " dark background" was too wide regarding Firefox window. With 100% it’s okay for Firefox however IE messes way up, once again.

Indeed, it is found that there some applications which have been not supportable with the internet explore, so it is the responsibility of the web designer along with the web developer since your every type connected with web application ought to be work properly overall browsers like inside followings ones:

Web Explorer
The search engines Chrome
Flocks and so on…

IE a culprit for yourself. Its really a long time very annoying to get your site working properly on every one of the browsers. Make sure you’ve linked this js files correctly l. Check all links to discover if link correctly. check closed tags.

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