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We need a site of which incorporates multiple features just like, match making, public sale, directory, job panel. I guess it could be like combining this formats of eharmony, ebay, yellowpages, as well as careerbuilder. I know nothing about web design/programming plus am working off a preview.

What are some key term I should be researching as far as language, scripts, code Also who can i be talking to te get this off the floor, designer, developer, programmer, coordinator

What size personnel am I considering here to update the website with incoming records from users, in order to maintain the programming. Can some or all of this be automated

Another info on servers or hosting, etc.

It’s obviouse that i really need a push while in the right direction. Any information it is possible to give on this particular or on directing me to another individual would be considerably appreciated.
Many thanks.

Three words " Content Operations System" or CMS to get short. You really should be automating almost anything. Look for the proper CMS to your requirements at www. cmsmatrix. org and also www. opensourcecms. com

The center of staf, hosting, etc. You probably need under you think one does.

Thanks to the info. Those web sites helped me much. Still a bit of unclear on how CMS meshes with design. Does CMS software actually design and author the web pages with that programming incorporated in to it or is CMS strictly any programming application utilised after design I recognize, this must most of seem very regular of me to all or any you Gurus! What am i allowed to say, we require you guys to be able to fabricate our strategies!

The CMS is simply the back end that does each of the scripting, user operations and such. You’ll skin or style the CMS script for your own design. Most CMS’s feature hundreds of premade themes you could use as any starting base. A number of CMS’s are less difficult to theme than others. I privately use xoops. org for my very own sites.

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