Protecting Images You Own

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Try this:

Create this PHP script, call it " photograph. php":


< php
//  path  to  your  images  (where  they  are  stored).
//  include  the  trailing  forward  slash  /

$filename=$path. $_GET'p';

//  Get  the  dimensions
list($width_orig,   $height_orig)  =  getimagesize($filename);

//  Resize  if  needed  (in  this  example,   full  size ...   no  reduction).

//  Example  of  half-size  decrease.

//  Resample
$image_p  imagecreatetruecolor($width,   $height);
$image  imagecreatefromjpeg($filename);
imagecopyresampled($image_p,   $image,   0,   0,   0,   0,   $width,   $height,   $width_orig,   $height_orig);

//  Output
header('Content-type:   image/jpeg');
imagejpeg($image_p,   null,   100);

//  Clean-up  Memory

Now take advantage of this on your HTML pages for every image…

< img src=" photograph. phpp=mypic. jpg" >

The supply of the image shall be unknown, but your image will look.
(this may be for JPG or JPEG images only).


that is a lovely idea mlseim

I’ll try this tomorrow and show you.

I know what you necessarily mean, I get really tired of seeing my graphics ripped off every day. Here is what exactly I do though which is some options totally lenient with you…

For starters, set up hot-link protection on your site. This will at least stop people from in your images on their site and using your bandwidth while doing so.

The second is, watermark all of this images… Pretty simple to complete, just place a new 90% transparent name over the image, nearly invisible into the human eye however in the event you open it within an editor in addition to increase contrast this name will illuminate like the Fourth of july of July. This is really good or maybe your images tend to be ripped, open them up, increase compare, and then once you find out they need your images, article them (law-enforcement, FTC, etc). Just remember not to watermark one section of the image and make sure the watermark runs the entire length/width so there is absolutely no way they can concealer the water tag without completely hosing this image.

Actually, that is in regards to the only thing that you can do to stop persons from ripping off your internet site. You can have a shot at hiding images applying java-script, but smart ones learn how to disable JS of their browser and merely download anyways…. then you can search and use foundation images using CSS to halt the right-click -> help you save as function, although again, someone with half-a-brain may just view supply of the site, and crack wide open your CSS (but there may be where hotlinking could help). Other than each one of that, they can still obtain images from his or her web-browser cache.

Therefore the short of it really is this: It is impossible to safeguard your content; though if we could all find enough attournies to support I’d be very happy to start a number that solely goes after people who rip people’s content material lol… But rather than that, only thing I will say, if you see it, pray you are not like me and still have a bad temper lol.

Embedding the image throughout Flash, retrieved via SSL rather than cached, makes them much harder for you to grab.

After every one of these solutions, the finished job is you’ll give the images unprotected, or with the most, lightly watermarked. Obviously you’ve learned maintain that there is absolutely no foolproof way of doing what you would like, so you might in addition not annoy the user in the deal.

If you using only jpg image then utilize a script to creates image…. source in the image will possibly be unknown, but your image will look.

… until you look it in something similar to Firebug or simply just trace the HTTP demands.

Moral of the lesson is internet = stealable.

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