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I’ve a map of the vacation rental house. You can perspective it at http: //www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/kolea-rentals/kolea-map/kolea-map. jpg I’d like to see to put volumes over each setting up and link them to the property that is due to the building. All I’ve is paint in addition to office picture boss. Can I let that happen with either of the people Thanks,

Keep the original image inside a safe place.

Subsequently, use MS Coloring to open it.
Not sure of your abilities with Paint, however , you can widen
the right side so there is a blank white portion to enter
amounts. Then highlight as well as drag them more than your photo.
(the system where it tends to make the white foundation transparent).

Save your image as any PNG type photograph because JPEG loses quality
each and every time you save the item. Most MS Coloring versions don’t make it possible for you to
change the standard to 100% (default is definitely 75% quality). And so use PNG variety instead.

Then post a person’s new image again so I could see it.
I could make an HTML PAGE image map permitting those numbers to become links.

I’ve numbers on the ideal, but I ‘m having troubles burning them over without having copying the white background with the text box.

Discover my attached screenshot.
The red arrow is what you decide on with Paint to transfer the numbers
minus the white background, as I’ve done.

You might only desire to hire a grahic artist to make a nice over head view for you
having nice numbers… the item should look great, and Paint isn’t the very best software for the idea.

I do not have photoshop.

ALL RIGHT. I will do that occasionally I just should do the html image map. Thanks,

I got it partially carried out at http: //www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/kolea-rentals/kolea-map/kolea-map2. jpg but none on the colors seem to travel good. Which don’t you think is better, the white and also black


So I manufactured a working example using your graphic.

Discover this:
http: //www. catpin. com/rentals

We have a data file with which has the numbers, coordinates, font width, font color:
It seems as if this:
http: //www. catpin. com/rentals/rentals. dat

1A36817912255255255http: //www. yahoo and google. com
1B34718612255255255http: //www. yahoo and google. com
2A31818912255255255http: //www. yahoo and google. com
2B29819412255255255http: //www. yahoo and google. com
3A26419112255255255http: //www. yahoo and google. com
. etc

The coordinates are defined as the " summit (roof center)" of every unit.

You are going to notice units BEING UNFAITHFUL and 10 are generally blank.
Around my example, you’ll find no numbers assigned to the people, so they never appear.
By leaving the quantity blank, it in addition won’t put any link on now there.
Women and men line still is available (with the coordinates)… it just will not appear.

This page that displays the image (" list. php" ) has a number of PHP coding from it…
Should the " index. php" record displays the impression, it also generates an HTML map
to get links. Each unit provide it’s own link to another page and also PHP script.

Recommendations the " list. php" script:


< html>
< head> < title> Rentals  Unit  Number  Generator< /title>
< /head>
< style>
font-family: arial;
font-size: 13pt;

< /style>
< body>
< center>
< br  />
Move  mouse  over  each  unit ...   defined  as  links  (in  the  rentals. dat  file) ...
< br  /> < br  />
< map  name="map1">
< php
//  Open  the  data  file  -  put  each  line  into  an  array
$file  file("rentals. dat");

//  Loop  through  array  and  define  the  link  for  each  item
for($i=1; $i< count($file); $i++)
$units=explode("", $file$i);
      < area  href='
$units7'  alt='$units0'  title='$units0'  shape='circle'  coords='$units1, $units2, 10'  />

< /map>    
< img  src="rentals. php"  usemap="#map1"  border="0">
< /center>
< /body>
< /html>

Recommendations what the " rentals. php" script seems as if:


< php

//  Open  the  data  file  -  put  each  line  into  an  array
$file  file("rentals. dat");

//  Generate  Image  &   set  width 
$image  imagecreatefromjpeg("kolea-map. jpg");  
$imageWidth  imagesx($image);  

//  Loop  through  array  and  place  the  text  in  a  location
for($i=1; $i< count($file); $i++)
$units=explode("", $file$i);
//  Font  Settings 
$white  imagecolorallocate($image,   255,   255,   255);  
$color  imagecolorallocate<span style="color:

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