Question about redirects and SEO

Dilemma about redirects and also SEO

Here is usually my issue:

Say I have a domain name site is areas up the following, full regarding content, and has a PR5, with above 1000 visitors on a daily basis.It is approximately book evaluations.(I pick out readable mainly because I enjoyed the noise of the idea and was not available).WHEN I purchased and also by means of Godaddy, and also redirect the particular url (301) that will point in order to

So the following is my dilemma.Will all these keyword redirects guide in SEO Or perhaps will google think poor form in some manner

PS your website in concern is just a hypothetical example!

Thank you a whole lot in improvement, advice is definitely greatly valued.

unless there are actually backlinks likely to book-review(s), i you should not see how there the redirect helps at all regarding your example regarding hyphenated names, i don’t think that it will help having any page views either.

If these and also

Were organized websites and now have backlinks aiming to these like shockie said, then yes it will help.

And if these are generally new names, then it has zero affect.

Existing traffic

The price with many expired names in that example could be existing page views.Traffic definitely not SEO advantage.

Thank an individual everyone for your responses!

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