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Throughout southern california Michelle and I will be new to the following forum. I was your graphic designer intended for almost 18 years once i had to make a career change and also have been doing something else in the past 10 years. I am looking at knowledge ? to school to educate yourself web design/programming/interactive animation so I could go back into your graphic world with experience inside newest technology. My question is We have watched the industry I will be currently in visit downhill fast, in that , my pay is definitely half what it absolutely was 10 years ago once i started due for you to outsourcing, mommies wanting to stay at home and will have any pay they might get, and voice recognition. I here’s a medical transcriptionist. My question is where is a state of this graphic industry. Tend to be pay rates planning way down, will there be a future in this, should I locate a different career method, as I here’s now in our late 40s and I tend not to want to spend time or money if I am going to be going in the opposite direction career wise besides forward. I know nobody truly knows what may happen in the years to come, but for those working in this industry, I am sure you might be watching trends and get an idea of what the long run holds. Thank you a great deal for your time period and hope you are having a superb day. michelle

What kind of computer and software have, or what program do you
have experience with And would you have the ability to purchase the newest technology

Going to school would be a good thing… as you would see exactly what " is current".
I am thinking the Pen Animation/Presentation route along with especially graphics
with regard to iPhone, Cell Cellular phone, PDA applications… not so much websites or web development.
I truly think web design and style, as we realize it now regarding large screens and websites will
become some thing of the previous… so focus mostly on small-scale graphics.

There are quite a number of opportunites out right now there for web designers/programmers. We have a flourishing web development company that WE started about 5 rice. If you are usually determined and keep updated with the current technology, you can make serious money during this business.

There are lots of things that you need to keep in head while making design for your websites like as follows:

1) The structure should be easy but cover many of the aspects and portions
2) The structure should be load within a few seconds
3) The structure should be highly relevant to the website
4) Any can get a particular idea about the particular website by just contemplating the design of the site etc and so on.

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