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I have had two confidential tours on my personal site for about 6 months and have had no issue. Just recently your virtual tours are certainly not working for us on my computer systems (I have four). I have had some people mention they could be recycled working. I did employ a few people that mentioned there’re working. Can you verify if they will work If not, remember to give me probable causes. Thanks!

http: //www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/imgs/mauna-lani-terrace-a204/virtual-tours/living-room. mov
http: //www. waikoloavacationrentals. com/imgs/mauna-lani-terrace-a204/virtual-tours/upstairs. mov

Personally its working.

not earning a living for me (ubuntu NINE. 10 karmic / firefox THREE. 5. 7)
for anyone who is managing realty you need to create a myspace account and do the job the videos into your web blog. looks better as well as the technical issues are handled by them so that you dont suffer from stuff like this specific.

I wonder why it truly is only working half plenty of time. That does possibly not make sense.
I used youtube for around of my training videos, but these will not work.

brand new tried using a strong mp4 format

Very little, I figured it need to be something simple as an alternative to having to adjust formats, etc since it turned out working a few weeks ago on any pc.

well i did research online and found a lot of people have this challenge and it is apparently a problem using apples product not anything you are doing. mp4 is commonly used and updated with the operating system not requiring 3rd party updates to the golfer like quiktime.

when you had done something to cause it then it would work or possibly not work, not intermittently.

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