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My organization is starting to design and create a small website (a very few pages) for someone who gives living lesson workshops. She wants me to style and build that website, graphics, rule etc. It defintely won’t be very big. I’m thinking of just using (x)html, css and which is it. There probably are not any javascript or maybe php involved, but I would use some php comprises of. There will become no contact form. The content will more than likely be mostly provided to me.

My organization is needing to give a quote really soon because of this site, and given that this is my personal first paid site, then I don’t know what to demand.

Here i will discuss my background:
I’m 17 and have been doing a number of webdesign stuff regarding about 18 montsh or perhaps so. I have a really good knowledge of html, (validated pertaining to xhtml), validated css, many photoshop skills, User Experience (UX) suffers from and knowledge etc. I reckon I could truthfully tackle this one particular, but I’m confused what to demand. I was considering $150 ish Aussie, but have absolutely no idea.

Would someone have the capacity to give me the rough figure, probably an hourly charge Thanks!

For just a static HTML website, how much you must charge is directly dependent on how good a person’s design ability will be.

I do not think anyone should charge $150 to get a website. If you’re likely to go that lower, you might at the same time give it away for nothing, because the function you’ll do still might not be worth everything.

When you are a decent custom made, bare minimum you must charge is $500. Best designers charge $10, 000+ when design work. Actually Template Monster fees approx $3, 000 for just a unique website design.

To get thought about investing in a TM template in addition to modifying it by using her content

Well… as I reported, I’m 17 and have just started out, so I feel like I’m ripping her off through charging $500.

I’m investigating an hourly charge, really. I" m just confused what hourly charge to charge. What on earth do you think I regarded $10-15 (this is due to Australian dollars).

I have now given them a quote connected with $12 / hr AUD.

Seems reasonable.

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