Reciprocal Manager?

Hello there everyone!

I’m using a programme called Reciprocal Manager for the site I am working away at.

The actual links page can be here: http: //www. greentag. co. uk/greentag_links

There exists a border on the ideal and left hand side of the table that’s holding all of the links but after i change the model, the whole factor changes and appears at the end of the web page.

In terms of I can notify to change the border I am going to change the. border style and this also only has a single attribute to them so I’m not really changing any positioning around the table or anything.

It’s really confusing.

I was just simply wondering if any one else has used this recently and do you realize what I’m doing wrong, any ideas etc.

I tried your Reciprocal Manager forums but there exists never anybody there and no one has responded to my place.

Thanks before hand!

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