Redirection of all pages?

Redirection coming from all pages

I am making a completely new system to get my 800+ web page website.In essence done.I will redirect many of the old URLS thus to their new comparable version.EX: will be the old and i will redirect the item to document, or something similar to that.

Should i make use of a permanent 301 redirect within a.htaccess file Of course , if so, how long should i keep that will file way up before each of the SE’s update their indexs’

you should thanks for seeing that along as you can, and my spouse and i don’t discover why you’d wish to take the idea down anyway mainly because it takes up a really little space.if you get innovative backlinks to the old urls then you definitely would in addition want this redirect to be able to occur.

Is their every other way to get this done since i have over 800 pages or should i need the.htacces file containing 800+ ranges all carrying out a 301 redirect

depending for the format associated with how the old/new urls, an asterisk (*) might do the trick instead associated with 800+ wrinkles.

How persons reach your internet site I believe form main page and however I think that redirect for your main page only will be enough in your case.

But the search engines has found over 300 pages.I needed to create up your redirection to get Google, directories and other links which are out right now there.Any thoughts

You will use rewrite situation.That will be 2-3 lines of signal in.htaccess.But it truly is only possible when you have a LINK structure that can be redirected via using these services.

can all of us redirect our all internet pages
is the item beneficial to get our web page or not.

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