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Just wondering what is better, resizing an image from the previously used just one or uplaoding like a new correct size image. My site contains a great deal of images and smaller versions from the same images. We were wondering if the item slowed down or messed up world wide web browsers making the changes. Is them better to upload two images, one original your decide one modified I would burn up much more equipment space and time merely was going in order to upload two pictures. Its just a thought and We were wondering if anyone had an thoughts and opinions.

Better intended for what Speed a efficiency Then sure, if you will be serving up images who have not been size correctly or have not been optimized, then reuploading your corrected images would regularly be better.

You can even upload one full-size image so when that image gets
stored, a PHP script additionally creates a thumbnail of these image and
saves that in a different directory. That causes it to become easier to upload
images (you style do double work), as well as it’s faster when
the idea runs… to display the thumbnail as an alternative to resizing it every time.

This is certainly my favorite resize purpose…

Taken from the PHP. net handbook…
In such a example, it calls for the fullsize impression, resizes it to
the max width associated with 150 (you could specify that), and
saves that thumb in a different directory, yet using the
similar filename. So, you call this function immediately after you
save your full-size image.


< php

resize("my_photo. jpg",   150,   ". /thumbs/my_photo. jpg");

echo  "done";

function  resize($img,   $thumb_width,   $newfilename)

        //Check  if  GD  extension  is  loaded
if  (! extension_loaded('gd')  & &  ! extension_loaded('gd2'))
trigger_error("GD  is  not  loaded",   E_USER_WARNING);

        //Get  Image  size  info
list($width_orig,   $height_orig,   $image_type)  =  getimagesize($img);
        switch  (
1:   $im  imagecreatefromgif($img);   crack;
2:   $im  imagecreatefromjpeg($img);     crack;
3:   $im  imagecreatefrompng($img);   crack;
trigger_error('Unsupported  filetype! ',   E_USER_WARNING);     crack;
/***  calculate  the  aspect  ratio  ***/
$aspect_ratio  =  (float)  $height_orig  $width_orig;

        /***  calulate  the  thumbnail  width  based  on  the  height  ***/<br /

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