Restaurant menu to website-how to?

Very first of, hi every person!

Used to do a few searches on this but couldn’t locate what I desired, some advice were being too technical.

So I am trying to set up a website to get a friend’s resturant also it just must be a basic one particular. I have no web design/programing knowledge whatsoever so I used to be just going to use a webhosting site which is pretty much click on and drag. The only web designing We have ever done (if you are able to call it that) had been html with my Myspace account a long time ago.

So onto the dilemma: How do I put the menu online This menus is basically long and it is not a traditional 8×11 sized paper. I don’t think I can type all the dishes and WE originally was likely to scan it in nonetheless it looks messy and the menu ended up being way too small therefore you had to the lens quality into each segment.

I used to be thinking about making use of an OCR program and then make sections that’ll break up the menu into smaller chunks online hence people won’t have got to zoom in and out to discover each section.

What do you think Any advice are going to be apprciated! Additionally, I used to be thinking about web host with Fatcow, are they a good host I am only expecting very low web traffic given that this restaurant is at a small town.

Thanks earlier!

If there isn’t a preexisting digital copy in the menu you can post, it looks like you have a lot of typing to complete. If you’re about to post the menu, it’ll be worth it in the end to just do it right.

You’ll must type in almost all in.

The method that you enter the menu items are going to be important.
You should really use a MySQL database, but I’m really sure that’s from range for a person’s experience.
So, you can use notepad to generate the database. Each line in the text file is actually one item.

You start with an IDENTIFICATION number (you just allow it to be up), then a new menu section, then a title, any description, a value, etc.
Each item in the line is separated by the pipe… pipes are used because it isn’t commonly
used for everthing else.

The primary number is a distinctive ID (identifying the particular line), the 2nd number can be a section of where
it again will appear within the menu. in this specific example, I’m declaring section 3 is definitely " breakfast items".

Here’s a good example:

123Ham Omelet4 Eggs whipped into an omelet and collapsed over with ham and the selection of cheese and fixings3. 95ham_om. jpg

If the menu has 100 items in it, your text file will present 100 lines.

The PHP script will load all the file and create the net menu however you desire using that data.

The owner only has in order to update that textfile, not the website.
Also you can upload photos of every dish, and specify the filename in the textfile.

Once you’ve the text track created, let us know, and post it for folks to see.

If you want, you can employ Google Docs (it’s free to obtain a Google Account), in addition to use the
Google Docs Spreadsheet to create your database. I mention this to create can " share"
that spreadsheet with anyone which has a Google Account (like the particular restaurant owner).
A PHP script could read that spreadsheet and utilize it to create this website menu.

Any photos you might have… upload them all into your same directory (call this " photos" ).
The database will really need to contain the particular photo’s filename, not the actual photo.

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