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I’m currently focusing on a web undertaking, and I ought to admit I need a certain amount of help.

I am designing, without starting too much fine detail, a user-submitted assessments website. I has certain categories inside header with move down menu map-reading showing sub-categories and so on.

Can anyone point me in the best direction for designing this We’ve tried WordPress as well as e107, all without the luck.

I need users and therefore submit the critiques and rate the merchandise I list.

I want each subcategory to acquire its own top ranked list.

This is an example of hierarchy:


SUBCAT1(# connected with items) SUBCAT2 (#) SUBCAT3 (#)

—-> subcat —–> subcat ——> subcat

Only need to further explain, let us know.

Many thanks

Wordpress sounds ideal for this, whats the condition your having about it

I aren’t able to, for one issue, get the plugin I have to generate ‘Top Ranked’ lists per category.

Very much alike inestimonials. com except I don’t know wgatvthry used for site if nearly anything.

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