robots.txt on a different server?

Acceptable so here the item goes…

We’ve recently acquired a website lindaruderman. com via another company. As of now we can’t do half of your monthly reports on the webpage because google (and each of our other utilities) are telling us the robots. txt isn’t allowing for moving.

Enter lindaruderman. com/robots. txt and see that this indeed phony.

And so my question is definitely…

Can additional company have your robots. txt file within the old lindaruderman. com site that may be effecting us I’ve also noticed that every the pages google mentions which might be being block are in reference to your old site. For example there’s no contact. php file about our iteration on the site. We have a very /contact/ page being that him and i utilize friendly URLs.

Any kind of suggestions are liked….

Only thing I could say is who’s will take your next crawl from Google the get your web blog indexed correctly. The old site must be removed from that server. Eventually these and other conflicts will become ironed out.

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