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Hi all,
I’m trying to add an Rss (I think that is definitely what its called) to a website and am wondering the most beneficial method/software/etc. to use I am looking add a widget/app/program that can automatically list the titles and date on the last four post over a blog.
I’m an illustrator/print artist by trade hence I’m relatively new into the web design. I’ll be using Dreamweaver CS3 whenever that makes your difference. Thanks beforehand for the aid!

You will be using PHP, therefore the page that it’s on will either need to have
the particular file extension connected with. php or your current. htaccess file configured to process
most of. html pages as PHP.

Uncertain how much you already know about all of these, but let us know.

Try this: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showpost. phpp=226918& postcount=7


WHEN I used your RSS script again.
I discovered an affiliate site that apparently employed UTF-8 for XML encoding,
but they need to have lied, because results have bad characters in the container…

http: //www. starpointradio. com/rss/max4. php

So I’d to add a line to repair the description (see red line)…

< php
require_once(" RSSIterator. php" );
require_once(" RSSItem. php" );
$rss = brand-new RSSIterator(" http: //feeds. soultracks. com/st-newsformat=xml", 3);
foreach($rss seeing that $item)

$desc=str_replace(" /files/", " http: //www. soultracks. com/files/", $desc);
print(" < p> < a new href=\" $item-> link\" target=\" _blank\" > < b> < font face=\" Arial\" size=\" 4\" color=\" #1775D5\" > $item-> title< /font> < /b> < /a> < /p> " );
print(" < p> < b> < font face=\" verdana\" color=\" #000080\" > $desc< /font> < /b> < /p> " );


The results is this:
http: //www. starpointradio. com/rss/max2. php

So I’m questioning if there might be a method to read the encoding technique and
detect if it’s correctly encoded. That would be nice.

As well… will you be diving on the ATOM thing together with your RSS reader script
Specially, handing NameSpace URL’s

I do think what you’re accomplishing is great (BTW).


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