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My organization is building a website for any writing center in the university and they might like a awesome scrapbook image gallery.

The basic idea could be to have it appear to be a scrapbook connected with memories from the many students and if you rollover and image or select it, it would pop-up. I’m confused exactly how to go about achieving this specific, does anyone have any ideas There isn’t a rush and it’s not at all a big problem if it can’t be done, they just thought ?t had been a decent concept.

I thought I could truthfully design the scrapbooking in photoshop, the situation I then include is then making use of it into code and keeping the images pop in place. Or I would use Flash, I’m just confused what tactic could be best and the way to go about making it.

Any ideas or maybe similar examples is greatly appreciated.

Have a look at using LightBox.

http: //www. huddletogether. com/projects/lightbox2/.

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