Script for a button like ‘Kudos'[MS]/’Like'[FB].’eProps'[Xanga]?

yea, self-explanatory.. something like supplying a thumbs around a blog. but i’m not utilizing a blog, but i’d like to get… yeahh.
capture my drift
many thanks guuys.

Just what would the press button do exactly

perhaps you have seen a facebook and myspace blog or your facebook post or even a xanga post at the end of each, theres this specific link that states that like, Give Kudos/Like/eprops.
it’s like giving a thumbs around a post, and then correct next to it might be a count on the number of people gave the thumbs up or even something.

Would you like give people a plan on your blog where they could thumb up / down a post


You’d need to learn more about your current blogging software and what language it’s coded in in order to make it yourself. Most likely though there’s already a mod for ones software to begin this.

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