Hi! I was thinking to produce an website using good quality scripts which I can find on web. Can somebody yes me some backlinks about such scripts

A search powerplant like google or yahoo is often created using some tools found about internet If yes type scripts do I must have My website must have search options on different categories for instance videos, music, blogs, audio etc in addition to a few more neat options if it can be possible. Then I may put adsense advertisements and maybe I will make some capital too.: -p

I found many turn-key non-free optimization scripts but that they look poor plus the design is horrible.: surprised: The performance of these kind of ready-to-use sites is definitely questionable.

An affiliate site that is looked would normally have got a database (MySQL)… and that is the thing
that is definitely actually being researched. What would your internet site be about Don’t produce a site
simply " to have a site"… a waste of your time and money. If you need to make a link farm,
and also be a spammer, we don’t really would like to help having that.

Just email google they usually will send an individual a copy of the script. Yahoo will too just the summer bucks. But why commence a search engine and completely overcome these up and coming companies

The idea is just not about a google search for the pages on the site but they’re certified engine for all the internet like Search engines. I don’t prefer to compete I need to express my suggestions…: -P
But sadly I do not own good programmer competencies… yet..!; -)

So your google search will be focused with a particular interest (your appearance of ideas)

Example, I would use your search results to find info for " Obama".
The google search are then guided toward your particular views
Whilst, Google’s search results could be everything encompassing

Would be that the basis for your current site

I’m just trying to understand this from your programming standpoint.

Can there be any way to make search results for just a particular search. Suppose if anyone searched something around health in the site then the actual result should show the particular content from my site and also internet.

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