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To do i optimize for yahoo because its by far the most search SE

Search Engine lists:

Alta Vista — wwwdotaltavistadotcom
Excite :wwwdotexcitedotcom
Alltheweb — wwwdotallthewebdotcom
Terra – wwwdotterradotcom
LookSmart – wwwdotlooksmartdotcom
AOL Seek out – searchdotaoldotcom
Netscape — searchdotnetscapedotcom

At first Posted by means of alyssa With all the different search engines like yahoo, which ones must i be optimizing for, and which can be searched probably the most often
Thanks earlier There are many things which have been commonly liked by most of SEs.Should you add good quality content with your site of course , if your internet site gets quality backlinks:then it’s going to automatically rank good with different SEs.

Anyway, I do believe these would be the SEs that may send around traffic:


Google as well as bing..
But you will find different options for optimizing for all of them…

You should go by google among of people search machines because the search engines is the most popular search engine around.Used to do an optimizing with Yahoo although not getting great results + it is hard that they are at the top.


Google as well as Bing today.

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