Secure way for customers to access certain documents?

Hello there all,
I am just the lone " THAT guy" at a smaller manufacturing company and I’ve dabbled a bit in web design but We would like some help. We have the static website (no online features) and my boss has called for me to generate a way the customers could be sure that the status health of their projects by seeing spreadsheets, get the most recent revisions to specialized drawings, download paperwork, etc. Currently the website is hosted on an ISP.
Any suggestions for a simple way to provide a customer his or her password and access to files they could view and download I’m not a programmer or data source person. Our customers won’t need to upload anything, just view and obtain files specific that will them.

What would you mean by " spreadsheets" Come to a decision do them now

Essentially, this involves PHP and MySQL.
You might need to hire a programmer in order to write the code to suit your needs.

The important part is who puts the slide images on the website
How often would the internet status be updated
There has to be a person that may be responsible to help keep everything updated each and every day

When they can’t keep this status current, no reason to carry on with the task.

Is there a format of this " spreadsheets"
Is there a format and size from the technical drawing files
Will someone be spending everyday working one specific, updating status, and many others.

Hi, thanks for that reply.

I’d be a main updating the internet site. I do which now, but it’s all static, examine only, publicly out there content.

We’d like the customer to help you check the status in the things we’re creating for them if he or she want via the web rather than needing to call or email us to get a status report. We’d like to offer for viewing and/or download schedules we’ve developed in MS Undertaking, jpegs of his or her items, technical drawings that have been saved as Pdfs, Word docs, along with Excel files. Most file types we would convert to PDF before making out there, and we can probably convert anything to PDF whenever that makes items any easier. You will have no need for your customer to switch files or insight data. Basically they just need every single child login somewhere and also download files. Maybe an FTP site is the way to go().


Does your provider give each customer getting some sort of ID or JOB NUMBER after you do a job
Just in case so, is of which number somewhat haphazard, or is it sequential to your jobs

I’m thinking this could be done rather quick with PHP plus a simple text file to get a database.
I guess the determination is founded on how secure it ought to be.

Doing every one of the online downloads having PDF has the power of cross-compatibility.
Not everyone of the clients has MICROSOFT Project, Word, as well as Excel… but most people can download
along with view PDF records, whether a DESKTOP or a Apple computer.

The key is uncovering a customer IDENTIFICATION that nobody otherwise could just randomly enter-in.
Some people wouldn’t need any password, only that will ID or " key"… understanding that ID is linked to
the duty… each job provides an ID. Is how you undertake it now

We have about several customers we’d like to achieve this with. We could create all the data files PDFs. Their jobs are numbered inside a similar convention, but we could hand them over any sort randomly ID number for this purpose.

Is there the right way to require authenticated entry to a single internet page which contains links on the PDFs If each one customer had a password for starterst page containing hyperlinks, that would do might know about need. There aren’t that numerous customers so easily had to physically create webpage files over a per customer basis that may not be an issue. If that would work, could I take a step like this within the server at your ISP That’s exactly where our site will be hosted and WHEN I ftp files to create updates. Would I would like a backend use, our could I merely ftp all the files necessary to my folders to the server

Thanks again for that help

You could potentially just create TWELVE directories and label them like:

Then give the URL for the customer.
http: //www. ourbusiness. com/C54326

That might not take any coding, or passwords, as well as anything.
Only the consumer would know the name from the directory.

We had looked at doing it because of this but weren’t sure if that could be secure plenty of. Would it end up being easy for anyone digging into our site to locate those pages for some reason, or is it considered " ok" to undertake it this way The info in the PDFs is known as " confidential". We’d wish to be sure only the client has access (we carry out defense contact kind work).

Well, that sounds for a more secure thing is necessary.

You have available separate directories in addition to put an. htaccess password for every one.
Lookup on Google regarding. htaccess and password for the directory. It involves
building a couple simple records using notepad, along with uploading into every directory.

In which looks promising.

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