Securing Digital Downloads

My organization is building a site for a client who wishes selling a small piece of software.

A period of time limited trial might be downloaded and if it expires, the software prompts the person to purchase the crucial to unlock being full utility.

The person visits the web page and purchases an exclusive key which is emailed along with the software is revealed.

What the customer wants is to avoid customers from transferring the software and unlock key up on others.

Can anyone suggest a fairly easy and inexpensive approach to accomplish this


You will have probably got COUPLE OF decent options:

1) Code some sort of licensing system into the product that calls home to evaluate if the domain is licensed.
2) Use like SPBAS (SPBAS Enterprise Automation Software PHP Licensing) that is certainly a licensing system.

Unfortunately any way you decide to do it, you’ll need to encrypt some value using ioncube/zend to avoid the license module staying simply removed.

Sorry Rick, I somehow missed this. Your response is liked. We still haven’t found the suitable solution though.

Privately, I wouldn’t concern yourself with users sharing that keys. Instead, We would implement a system the place that the product can only be registered to 1 user.

The client will surely have to refactor his software program slightly. But, when the user registers, have it test the database to view if the key had been used. If there are, then it puts a stop to multiple users from with it.

Naturally, I’d have the important thing expire after Twenty four hours anyway. When the person tries to activate after Twenty four hours they are pushed to request the latest key to the email address.

You are going to never stop people sharing the important thing if they needed to. You could expire the important thing after 10 moments, but that’s planning to cause customer service headaches.

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