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I have got a domain promoting site have domain related articles at ther all of which will shortly end up being adding TWENTY more site articles.
I was thinking of adding Logo, Business, promoting, PR articles as well.
All of the topics have got good data but small competition in just Google (a few hundred 1 , 000 pages stated.)
Is this recommended – could the SE’s just take a look at the keywords and the text or at the wider web site and express, " this doesn’t easily fit in here." And throw me with the back with the search outcome.

Any advice can be greatly liked.


They will examine the content as well as keywords, when everything can be properly optimized.

Hi dmi – thanks with the reply.
So precisely what you’re saying is always that even although the rest regarding te site has content that may be only semi-related to the article :the SE’s won’t punish it just for this.all these are interested in will be the article, it’s key terms and it truly is content

I believe you have profit naturally because your article made content of the page where most ogf the links from.

make sure what you happen to be adding will be unique posts and you’re the first to distribute it on the web, so others that should copy/paste it will be considered when duplicate subject matter.

refer for you to regarding uniqueness of the article where by it’s posted.

Thanks males – yes the entire articles will be original / search phrase rich and adequately written.

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