Sending email from form w/out php or asp support?

Perhaps there is anyway I can certainly send an email from a flash form WE made in swishmax 3 OR MORE without php and also asp support coming from my host This host implied I can still do the idea with smtp but I need ideas of how or what they’re just talking about.

Does anybody understand how to do this Thanks a lot.

To use SMTP you will still need some application running within the server that will connect with your SMTP node. If they don’t permit you to program an SMTP purchaser, maybe they include an SMTP cgi script that you can post to They definitely have to give you extra infromation, though, or I say you discover a new coordinator.

As smoseley possesses said, you really need some kind of server side scripting runnig within the background to begin. I think every hosting worth the salt in this era should have that will covered.

Joomla Webside

You can actually ask someone else (with a different webhost) to enable you remote access
to their site… send the idea remotely through these individuals. You would be dependant upon them
pertaining to reliability, security, and so forth.

Not to say cross-site posting may be a big no-no.

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