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I’ve received an SEO question available for you experts these at NP.

Is generally there any page-rank profit to pointing all of your undeveloped domains to some developed domain When you’ve got 500-600 undeveloped names and you also forward every one to an innovative site, besides getting your hands on some further visitors, will Google grant you any PR mound for this


not except those undeveloped names have pr inside them which is very unusual.

Thanks weblord.+Rep.

for whatsoever motive you might have if people gonna market afterwards then in case you stop the actual redirects your flow involving pr juice will get rid of as well, it’s an uncomplicated and cheat approach to increase pr but it isn’t really permanent, once the redirects prevents the area will indicate it’s actual pr that is certainly unfair for your buyer/new’s better to improve pr with submitting of social bookmarks, directory guide book submission, blog, forum ads/sigs, labeled ads internet site posting quite doing exactly what you submitted on very first’s more lasting and also natural along with increasing the particular pr too for permanent.

I’ve thought about this personally since I’ve a variety of domains parked along with a few produced.What MY PARTNER AND I do will be I use a parking corporation that helps you add tailor made content, add a certain amount of original content towards the sites that connect with my made site (similar industry/keywords), and then add a check out the formulated site.I somehow assume that a link from a poorly developed site/page provides multiple advances over a route.

Originally Posted by means of weblord for whatever motive you might have if a person gonna advertise afterwards then in case you stop that redirects the particular flow associated with pr juice will get rid of as properly, it’s a simple and cheat route to increase pr but it may not be permanent, as soon as the redirects stops the site will demonstrate it’s serious pr that’s unfair to the buyer/new’s better to boost pr with social bookmark submitting, directory guide submission, blogging and site-building, forum ads/sigs, classified ads web page posting alternatively doing what exactly you posted on initial’s additional lasting in addition to natural and also increasing the pr also for long-term.
I do not have anything wicked planned.I’ve just simply got any pretty sound portfolio with undeveloped titles and I wondered in the event that forwarding them to 1 of my new web-sites would provide me PR ball.

Parking is usually paying and so little today also to developed 500+ brands even in to mini-sites could take many signficant time.I thought I might be better off for you to bump-up the PR with my new site.

PR could possibly be easily bumped using some Higher PR hyperlinks.

But certainly if individuals domains with yours which are just sitting idle so are getting many traffic you think will be wasted in parking webpages.Then you possibly can redirect them.But unlike in the west PR it will not be much helpful.

SEO is the body and PR ‘s your popularity.If Bill Gates discuss your body from the meeting board, so ones popularity come to be top.

For model, to obtain PR connected with 7 you need at the very least 3 backlinks from PR 8 or 50 % a 1000 links coming from PR 5.With right relinking (the correct system connected with links that will internal websites and primary page with a site) you may get the results you will need much quicker.



As InterestedEnough brought up, I would likely suggest you park that has a service that permits you to not solely customize your current domains, but to advertise them (most never allow that but several do).The results may not be as great as tiny sites, but it really will also be fewer work.You’ll be able to start by adding the keywords from the domains on the optimization (title, description, and keywords), be sure the sector is exhibiting proper shots, and that the links in addition to keywords are generally ok.Later you possibly can go again and put content or even change image/keywords to see when you can get issues showing that folks will select.The targeted traffic reports intended for searches should provide you with clues or even slap you from the face with what you need to be employing.:-)

Then you’ll be able to add unique (or not) content and cross-link your domains where you will find simular matters.You have to decide when to connect to your additional domains or even a primary site, but I are inclined to wait until eventually the sector has no less than some PR.I believe that it is natural for crap/no PR web pages to connection to you, but if you’ll find hundreds…well I are not aware of.You may also get outside the house links for your domains (again, if allowed) exactly like you would for the mini website.Hint:some directories will administer listings with regard to parked domains, but quite a few won’t.

We are actually working with this and include some left domains which have reached PR4, but is not many to date, and it will take 2-3 months to start out seeing virtually any PR by any means with fresh domains.

If you have domains and park them using a main sector or website, I don’t even think you will seem much gain that will last.Perhaps just simply the traffic/links that every brings.A 301 redirect may be better and Concerning seen a number of signs of which PR makes passed because of this, but very little proof.It would be more issues than it really is worth to setup 500 redirects, IMO.I in addition think that redirect may cause some buttons to also be adjusted to point directly as well as be dropped.

I’ve been considering trying the following: Create a site on the specific topic with many different content.Point a domain there and find some links to assist it end up being indexed.Leave it that way for 3-6 months.Then park the domain that has a parking service provider and fixed it up when using the same kind of optimization.Then require another website and place it into the site and start the process over all over again.Yeah, it’s types of an " incubation" process to get things began.

theoretically 301s have to completely complete any pr but planning all that redirects could take the opportunity, and be a waste of their time if now there aren’t any links aiming to as well as traffic visiting those domain names.

as for your domain incubation, make sure to mask the domains!

Estimate:for the sector incubation, make sure to mask the domains! Apologies, I have no idea what you will be talking in relation to…

I would likely but a number of turnkey scripts into a number your undeveloped names as well as some might actually get PR and with the amount of domains you can’t go incorrect!

At first Posted by simply nielsencl Estimate:for the sector incubation, make sure to mask the domains! Apologies, I have no idea what you will be talking in relation to…what i meant was to make sure to keep the " serious address" on the site invisible from folks that are linking to your account / viewing / etc so that they keep linking towards pointing domain instead of linking into the final aimed domain.

not sure merely just baffled everyone even more

non quality = non quality

it in no way gift benifits,, it is useless.

Well you can test it out there.

But don’t see virtually any use.

Instead would recommend a person setting any blog plus doing some link building would enable you to get pr TWO easily

Formerly Posted by simply WM I are not aware of if this is exactly correct nonetheless it looks interesting

Thanks regarding sharing the item.

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