set up web host

Just what would it take

ANY computer or few
DSL or maybe cable connection
Knowledge of linux and windows
Knowledge of apache and iis
Networking skills Like establishing dns etc.

Wouldnt the easiest be to just build a cheap committed server hosting


When i was running TT off my own ring machine, I made use of Apache, Tomcat (for JSP), oftentimes the PHP modules or Apache, in addition to my router. There is no such thing as cheap dedicated hosting. TT and a website 10 times their size would be on shared internet site. Dedicated hosting will be bloody expensive.

$215 any month
Aussie that like $125 to you seppo’s!!

Receiving 3gb of distributed space is A$300 +.

So dedicated hosting aint less costly!!

We all weill have reviews, articles, forums and media the amount of space will most people need
We’ll allow uploads with mp3s, mpegs for example. to a qualification

Will it often be used primarily only for storage, or to get actually streaming Tunes and videos If its the latter, you’ll pay a king’s ransom for the additional bandwidth; if its the previous, all you are related is get any custom plan, perhaps even shared web host, with just procuring disk space.

It really is easy to run your special dedicated server, just if their mission critical you’d build a Unix box with Apache with great care configured on the T1 or T3 for itself or not many other pooters. Problems already got individuals resources don’t waste your time and efforts finding a sponsor.

Well if most of us dont stream then it’ll be downloading!
Though we’ll stream some but is not a lot if we’ve got downloading as well.
Possessing downloads of mp3’s, programs etc would take plenty of badnwidth as effectively!

No i used to be just thinking the reason why does it cost much for a devoted server

Still waiting on answers to that and more, son some ppl are slow. Agree with Furby we ought to go the write about option, and discover how things development.

Sent an contact to an ex-client who utilize this guy running the ISP from his garage… apparently inexpensive, and makes funds from hits… don’t ask us thought the ads were the money spinners

Will email Gerald nowadays for his ex’s e-mail address, she works heavily within this area…..


Otherwise i’ll just select very limited disk space to begin with!

You should look into internet. brinkster. com absolutely no ads and it is free. the premium is cheap is actually decent support.

Host coursesmart yourself, its really simple….

Thats what i used to be thinking kleptos!
But i dont wanna have got me pc on all night and day without recooperating prices!!

POST. e if i had other customers we’d!

I have this machine on at all times, doesnt change my personal power bill all much, i like having my own ring site, i just simply hate my site… I need to try and do work on the idea but i dont wanna take action.. I’m lazy…

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