Shopping Carts without purchasing power?

I am working on an affiliate site for a customer who sells approximately 5, 000 products. He does certainly not process payments, for example. for these objects. He does each one of his business by using phone. Is it possible to utilize a cart in order to just display the actual inventory by group, etc. If so, which one ever suggest for a newbie I’d personally need and therefore easily alter that template using CSS to match the other site. My server offers scripts to get CubeCart, CommerceOS, in addition to ZenCart. I’d be prepared to take any free carry, of course. I just can’t imagine hand coding many products!

Thanks earlier!

Your gonna have to insert them into a cart either method. These cart tend to be somewhat complicated becuase they will process payments, shipping charges, secure and all that jazz. I wouldn’t utilize a cart for just displying the things, that sounds like plenty of work. Where or how are they displayed now

It’s a start-up business so the many product info shall be coming off of his wholesaler’s web site. I found a mod for any CubeCart which allows me to simply display only items with the cart turned off. I think WHEN I may go this route, get his basic store established, and then teach him how to add his products and solutions. It’s a really low budget project as it is so that could keep me from needing to do his complete inventory. That appears to be the easiest way I will think of. Thoughts

Maybe a carry would be ideal, then he are capable of doing transactions afterwards and his things will already become there. Show him the way to add products about his own. After 20 or 30 he’ll get tired with it! Maybe you can offer a ripped rate per item to complete the work intended for him and make some cash.

Thanks for any reply! The cart is training pretty well. Hopefully I’ll get him in order to input his supply on his own. He’s a cheapskate so something informs me he’ll do the idea himself!

It could sure be cool whenever they could display these people on an iphone or cell phone
cell phone browser… sort of just like a small scale product w/layouts for tiny screens.
The transaction directs him an SMS principles on his cellular (the order).

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