Should hosting companies name their database hosting server ‘localhost’ ?

Need to hosting companies identify their database internet site server ‘localhost’

By means of default, there can be a connection on mysql labeled localhost, that is only used if you are connecting to it for the local machine. That connection generally does not work properly from a remote computer repair location.

Whenever they actually did identify a DB OCCASION, localhost, not a challenge other than showing their not enough experience in organising thier servers.

I have a client that uses the corporation called crazy names. There database server is named localhost. I’d to let your customer switch hosting because he needs Live journal for his website so there is no way that was going to perform.

Sure, when you do a backup in the old db, it does not care what the name in the server is. There may be some connection settings you should change, but your brand-new host ( based on thief setup ), should be able to provide you considering the correct settings therefore to their servers.

You got it. I had create other databases previous to. That localhost matter through me off

I suspect many people had thier mysql sever plus web server running for the same physical device, which is possible, but generally not recommended from a real hosting atmosphere. Most hosting providers keep thier the various models of servers separated consequently one doesn’t affect though others performance.

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