Should I buy a bunch of domains?

Must i buy a variety of domains

Hello everyone.

Let’s say I want to go up my SERP pertaining to " I love platypus", in addition to my main domain will be

Then I choose the domains personally,,, etc and also 301 redirect they all to

Will it assist in raise the SERP intended for " I love platypus"

In my opinion, you should redirect the opposite way around to list better in google and yahoo.

No it will eventually not enable you to, because no one will type in those accidental domains, perhaps a domain brand like making would be beneficial for a redirect, but redirects on the whole don’t help your SERP.

I acknowledge this wont help you re instructions don’t even count as backlinks, but if you undertake it all the way up around moving your internet site to your domain with all your keyword could help.Possessing keyword with domain boost rankings thats for sure

No, this will likely never enable you to.I would rather suggest you to definitely do the actual SEO for your keyword and try to get inbound links from diverse sources.

Host all those domains with different servors..Have some content on they all..have backlinks for a main web page from these domains..Right now create one-way links to these types of new domains too.Over a period these backlinks will have excellent effects against your SERPs..

I believe that only help in the event the domain names you have mentored have page rank and good as outlined by the SEO.

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