Should I use grid-structure in my newspaper site layout?

I’m possessing a complex newspaper design theme for Squidoo. I want this theme that they are customizable by quite a few users (e. g. if I managed to get available to download).

I’m torn as to regardless of whether I should match a grid-based structure with this theme. Would that allow it to be easier for end-users that will change column widths, etc By grid-based structure Get real something like grid960, Blueprint or this: http: //www. webnicer. com/

Do grids work nicely on other podiums (e. g. mobile phones) Are they considered among the best practices If you will have used grids before from a client project, how easy have they been in maintain if we wanted to help to make changes later on

Or would this be better in avoiding the grids altogether

I need your opinions, gives thanks!

I think grids are good, because they restrict the users to be able to customizing in unique areas.

Thanks for your reply. That’s what exactly I was contemplating. Since this shall be a newspaper theme used by people who don’t know much about CSS, a grid would likely help them to generate neater changes.

WHEN I agree.

Thinking coding and customisation wise… it would become good and easy to complete. Design wise… visualize what a newspaper’s design is like in real your life – it’s extemely grid-like as well as ordered. That’s how your internet site should be, that is if you need it to resemble an internet newspaper.

I’m uncertain how they convert to phone blog etc… I’d say providing your coding is actually excellent, it really should not be a problem. Although lets no child ourselves here… no website could look really good on a phone browser unless it turned out designing specifically for the phone, even then its not garanteed.

I’ve used blueprint on a site and worked fine to the G1 and iphone type phones. I didn’t contact the Blueprint files in the least, what you do is create a seperate stylesheet and you also can override every blueprint style. This makes it simplallows you when the new version arrives you just FTP to the server and your complete styles are in tact, which makes maintenance very easy. If you’re using WordPress they need something called Themeshaper and that is a WordPress theme framework that features a bunch of grid based layouts.

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