Silliest Ways To Promote Your Website

Initially, I hope this is an appropriate online community to post the following thread.

So I keep asking: what do people think are the silliest means are that a person can promote their website

Here’s my idea (I really don’t recommend actually performing this):
Head to BestBuy, and find a computer – act like you are searching for buying it. When the salesperson asks if you need any help, explain you are simply just looking and look forward to them to walk way. Open the internet browser and load your blog. Leave it wide open. Now walk on the next computer and try this process until the entire computers show your blog post. If you are usually really feeling sly, bookmark it on the entire computers.

Including I said, these aren’t required to be good or perhaps moral ideas, they just should be silly " what-if" tips.

Write a web site browser software that blows anything else away. When the item becomes really well-liked, activate the back-door for the million+ downloaded copies to ensure everyone who at this point loads it up gets your website by default!: -D

More desirable / sillier – write a Firefox add-on that most it does will be load your webiste. Call it " Shameles self-promotion": -D

Write graffiti on the inside of a bathroom booth: " For a fantastic time, call Steve: (123) 456-7890".

When people call in which number, they listen to a recording " Take a look at www. mywebsite. com": -D

Spray for the back window of your car:



TAKE A LOOK AT www. mywebsite. com FOR DETAILS! "

Crucial www. mydomain. com into your side of your vehicle.

Then call your cops and explain it was vandalism.

Lots of them will almost certainly visit while investigating the crime!

Streak the globe Cup with your domain name painted on a person’s back!

Walk by having a parking lot and select all the filthy cars… Write your domain name backwards in this rear windshield. Should the people look by way of their rear-view mirrors, they’ll see this!

Buy a new netbook, a substantial powered projector, and also a 12 volt car battery. Wire it up so you’ve got a portable projection place. Then run all over your neighborhood thieving your neighbors’ cellular network connections, load up your website in their yards, and project that through their glass windows while they’re feeding on dinner and twiddling my thumbs!: -D

Produce a 20-foot tall perfect recreation of your website out of Legos with your front lawn.

Call a nearby news station to report to sort it out.

Buy your regional newspaper and adjust the name into the MyWebsite Herald.

Buy 1000 rolls of Toilet Paper having www. mydomain. com printed throughout them.

With Halloween night, hire several 13 year aged kids to skateboard via Downtown and TP every office building inside area.

Order a unique run of Thousands of Fortune Cookies having www. mydomain. com as the fortune.

Then go home to door to lots of Chinese restaurants as well as sell them to be able to them at 50% off of, saying you represent a different company and choose to earn their company.

Write a #1 hit melody entitled www. mydomain. com.

Grow to be an artist, any paintings will be different renderings of internet. mydomain. com, when you pass away your paintings are going to be worth a bundle of money and be all over the news.

Produce a fake birth document for Barack Obama featuring that he was born in some country besides the US.

Coordinator it at online world. mydomain. com/barack. swf (make sure it can not be downloaded)

Commence a chain email that has a link to the item, saying that this proves the Birthers are usually right.

Make certain there’s a website link on that page for your homepage.: -D

(LOL – PS – here’s soemthing similar I did for Christmas A decade ago! http: //transio. com/cards/xmas. html document – it got me about 1500 special visits! )

Amazing. You guys are having waaaaaaaaaaay to great with this!: -D

Pay an insider around an automotive plant to place a tiny sticker on all of the rear view mirrors in every car around the production line.

Grow to be a serial mindblowing and, with each and every victim, carve internet. mydomain. com within their head. The media loves that sort of stuff!

Determine who prints the actual " inspected by" tags that go ahead all the clothing and acquire your web addy branded on them.

Identify your next kid www. mydomain. com!

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