Simple Tips ´n tricks to make cool designs in Dreamweaver.

Acceptable some background details. Im taking any class which educates us webdesign. Recently we recieved a task to create a website intended for whatever or whomever we want and I want some extra capabilities, that our teacher didnt teach us the way to do, in the page to create a good impression. What we figured out was basic CSS such as: Custom link colour, Different heading, incorporating images to containers. Also we learned the way to add flash films, pictures and background image, aswell because make the background " unscrollable".

Im only 17 so all tips n tricks is appreciated

Forgot to speak about that we employ Dreamweaver cs3.

Always use Google to get tutorials…

Case in point:
http: //www. search engines. com/searchhl=en& source=hp& q=css background image& aq=f& oq=& aqi=g10

Is a teacher having you upload your files into a website, or is actually everything
executed offline… on that PC only

To begin with i must state i allways work with tutorials, like when i use actionscript SEVERAL or make adobe flash animations, but my dilemma was some hip stuff people can see on a website which is relatively easy to complete for a newb dreamweaver in addition to hopefully say how it truly is done or url to a tutorial.

Not sure exactly what you meant about online but you can publish the web site if we want but no matter if it is online or not online

It will matter if it is offline or certainly not.

Offline means your own teacher views your focus on his/her PC without the files
being uploaded into a webhost (server). On-line means you’ve published them
so everyone on-line can see it.

In order to do some cool PHP stuff, you’ll need to have uploaded them (online).

Think about making your teacher " log-in" to your webpage so that they can view it
That’s easy to perform.

I know which What i mean’t is it matters not to the tutor.

Log ing could be a cool feature, but i’d rather create a commenting option, is the fact that hard

Commenting choice should really end up being a MySQL centered system,
which would be rather advanced on your situation.

Think about you have your teacher enter their name also it shows as Graffiti.

Like this:
http: //www. catpin. com/graffiti

And you’ll want to upload the " degrassi. ttf" (or your own specified TTF file)
in to the same directory because the script. That’s what it uses to create the font.

The " index. php" report:


< html>
< head> < title> Name< /title>
< /head>
< body>
< php
if  (isset($_COOKIE"yourname"))
"< center> < img  src='graffiti. phpname=$name'  alt='$name'  title='$name'  /> < /center> ";

< center>
< form  action="yourname. php"  method="post">
What's  Your  Name:   < input  type="text"  name="yourname"  value=""  /> < br  />
< input  type="submit"  name="submit"  value="submit">
< /form>
< /center>
< /body>
< /html>

The " yourname. php" report (for making that cookie):


< php
setcookie("yourname",   $myname,   time()+604800);
header  ("location:   catalog. php");

The " graffiti. php" report (for making that text image):


< php
//  Get  Name

//  Create  a  300x100  image
$im  imagecreatetruecolor(700,   150);
$white  imagecolorallocate($im,   0xFF,   0xFF,   <sp

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