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Hello there, Ive been looking through on SEO for ages and seem to possess a good idea it. However, I want to do something, but am uncertain if most effective for you seen as some sort of black-hat technique – its not at all black hat though

< h2> < your class=" popper" href=" #" onclick=" popDiv(‘summaryDiv’)" > +< /a> Summary< /h2>
< div id=" summaryDiv" >
< p> Sample text sample wording sample textsample wording. < /p>
< /div>

Now, in my stylesheet, summaryDiv is placed to display: not one. On clicking your + the div fashion gets toggled involving display: none and also display: block.
Now, I know stuffing key phrases, or hiding wording from users however displaying it to search engines is viewed as black ushanka… would a optimization penalize me due to this collapsible divs

Use javascript to line display: none with page load. Otherwise, Google will underestimate the contents.

valuable as usual.
be grateful for u sir!

hey smose. ran into a difficulty.
next time i load the internet site, for a minute i can find the divs previous to javascript collapses these individuals

nevertheless around this

Hey, you are applying DIV for display and clicking and displaying google is seen black due to you are implementing DIV.

SO ?. its not seen as black. while smose suggested, their hidden with javascript, search engines like yahoo will see this text.

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