Site for artists to host music (like reverbnation), but simple

Will need site for painters to host the music (something similar to reverbnation).

1 Users can register and acquire their own article on website, (page possibly be listed automatically upon website).
2 They add their music into the site and display but it displayed on his or her page (one make got after registering).

3 Music player to experiment with music on site.

Need advice on how to make this happen with Joomla or other CMS.

i really believe either joomla, wordpress, or both has a youtube module. uncertain if it is able of using the filmstrip API yet is should bring you started.

Are going to i need for making separate page for each user who enroll like www. site. com/mike
www. site. com/john
thats the hardest part to me. Any help in it appreciated, gives thanks.

joomla has social modules as well. you asked for the CMS solution.

I really believe Joomla=CMS thats why i asked that we could be inappropriate on that, i recently need solution any way is beneficial please advice me name with the module to apply. And al little more description when i dont have entire picture of how it will work…: -/

dude a cms is as speedy as it receives. research the cms. the alternative is to advise you with code and floor up development.

Joomla includes 2 popular Interpersonal modules:

CommunityBuilder (which can be an extension)
JomSocial (which can be a configuration)

Concerning the MP3 piece, you might be better served having Drupal + SWFtools, who has some amazingly simple methods of configure for CD playback, e. g. www. friedonbusiness. com (though granted it is a blog-style interface, not a social interface). Truly never seen a Drupal social wordpress plugin, but I’ve found social drupal web pages – may involve more work to put together though.

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