Site name.

Hence i found a name for our website after while of plundering. Most effective for you a site which usually features other faq And im pondering on calling the item tutorialloot. com, but would it be a bad idea to possess two " L" s after eachother inside a logo

I’d make it you ‘l’ myself.
I’m sure it’s just your own preference.

Have you thought to register BOTH names
It’s only an additional $8 or and so

YAR!!! Fine job, matey!!! Ye was able to plunder many mighty fine loot thar.

Freudian fall much

" Plundering" misspell of " Pondering" inside the context of a site named " TutorialLoot. com" is simply too ironic that will let pass.

: -D

attempt to keep it very simple. don’t make the name way too hard to remember.

Sure, PS – complement 2 L’s, but receive the 1-L version and forward that into the other one.

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