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So, I’d like to help hear from individuals who are far much more experienced than me in web site design. The site I will be working on may be a hobby. The entertaining, geeky role playing community sorts of hobby. I include an over all idea, as to how I would like things to appear, but I really know what I want, is actually beyond my encounter. So, any suggestions as well as helpful insights have become much appreciated.

Somewhere along the line, I got the idea in my head that we wanted to employ Joomla, and implement it for overall navigation system for that site. I’m sure CSS could do the identical job. Since that is the hobby, a play-by-post RPG town, I decided around the overall color style, being similar inside color to outdated vellum. 20 a matter of minutes in gimp, and I could have a quality faux-vellum image to tile inside the background. The main feature from the site would be your forum itself, in addition to a wiki. Several minor things, mostly dealing with the PHPBB mods may just be added as buttons, but I had intended in gathering a Joomla theme to take care of the overall routing.
That basic idea is usually, that the user shouldn’t have to look for and dig for anything with regards to the site. There would be a " header" direction-finding bar, involving from site news, that forum itself, consumer information, the wiki, for example. There would be a second bar displaying an amount of information pertaining to the setting amongst people world. So, what anyone would see when they explore, is that when they click on, that forum button, or maybe the wiki switch, that portion in the site shows in place nestled between the particular navigation bar on the top, and the internet bar, which will be to the left with the page.

There are quite a few other things I want to do, nonetheless don’t pertain to be able to my question right here. So with accordingly, I was wondering whenever a a better means of doing things to accomplish the over almost all look and functionality I will be looking for

Thanks on your time.

What you’re describing is often a rather complex client-side scripting venture. I’m not sure the amount you know in relation to PHP/MySQL, etc. Joomla is often a pre-made CMS (content administration system) that functions PHP/MySQL, much just like Drupal. WordPress falls in that category also.

The navigation you’re dealing with is not an opportunity (or script)… it’s an integral part of whatever backend operating system you’re using to your site. CSS is a layout (style sheets) that define the design and layout from the site.

So whatever server-side scripting you happen to be using, PHP, ASP. net, Perl, and whatever pre-made CMS get, or if you create your from scratch…. the navigation can be your own creation. You can design and create any specific navigation system you require.

You biggest obstacle is usually learning PHP/MySQL. Without programming or scripting encounter, your task will be daunting, but it really is learned.

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