site translation using php databases and cookies?

I’m setting up a website for a restaurant in spanish in addition to english and ‘m having it translated skilled professionals. I just don’t realize how to set up the website so when clicking using a spanish or english icon it can revert to the spanish or the particular english version. Is this somthing you would need to create in php and also cms. Sorry I’m a complete novice and would want a little information here. Trying to create this as proffessional as possible.

There was a terrific thread posted from some three years back on this specific forum: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/gene… 84/multiple_language_website_-_how_31390. html, describing the connections of databases the text is shown from when clicking over a " spanish" icon or " english" icon. which draws on the php databases which is sored within the cookies on the users computer. In addition , it gave a few links that not seem valid.

Now I’m using WordPress while my platform– and I am a newbie with this, so any guide understanding this even more would be beneficial. So I could basically have text, both english and spanish and they would be in a database, seperate subfolders on the database Please some sort of tutorial if anybody has one who spells it out would really thankyou.! Thanks, happy fresh year!

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