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It’s entirely possible that we usually are over-thinking this. But when it comes to navigational viability, I’m for a loss. Here’s the circumstance (and a chek out the start of site design):

http: //www. akeative. com/blackcanyonmedia/#

Prohibited developing a internet marketing and web companies site. We will be offering a range of services but LOGOS them under separate URL’s that may direct to sub-sites in the main (BlackCanyonMedia. com) internet site structure. In additional words:

PRINCIPAL SITE: BlackCanyonMedia. com
GENUINE URL: BlackCanyonMedia. com
SUBSITE: ExpertCopywriter. com
GENUINE URL: expertcopywriter. blackcanyonmedia. com

And the like. In total you will see four sub-sites with regard to BlackCanyonMedia. com:

ExpertCopywriter. com (ECM)
ExpertDesignandPrint. com (EDP)
ExpertWebBuilder. com (EWB)
NetPlusHosting. com (NPH)

The trouble using the navigational structure will come in when we have, for example, a " About Us" button/menu at the top of that BCM Index Web site. There will likewise be that very same About Us button/menu to the Index Page for each division.

Have to the drop-down menus be universal around all divisions, such as this:

Regarding Black Canyon Media
Regarding Expert Copywriter
Regarding Expert Design in addition to Print
Regarding NetPlus Hosting

Or perhaps should each dividing index page, we. e. expertcopywriter. blackcanyonmedia. com, have some About Us page dedicated the choices that division In case we did receive that approach, how would we all keep navigation inside overall site uniform plus allow the effective by using breadcrumb navigation

Im open to suggestions! Any plus all help is actually greatly appreciated!

Help Anyone: -\

Decline down list is actually more preferable. It should be same in all sub sites.

you have details enough for just a multinational firm yet split coursesmart up like any band of virtual assistants under one roof. kinda counter successful and waste connected with time-resources. this is not " Branding" by any means. its SEO trickery and something that wont generate reasons i wont spend your time explaining.

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