Site works fine before zipped but not after.

I’m inside a web design class and i became turning in this project i zipped any folder called snapshots included in the folder were that HTML and pictures folders, i submitted these folks and my teacher told me my links don’t work and this images didn’t appear. I checked and also she was proper, but when I open the unzipped folder everything works fine nevertheless the zipped one would not. Some one support please

did you send a header to make sure the browser it was before zipped

however, was this recommended by your class although it is done by some and is available for a time, its still certainly not common practice. if you need to zip the written content, the page should probably be decide to part anyway because once its unzipped it can be so data heavy it could actually crash browsers it is typically more scrolling and then most users desire.

How must i send a header for the browser telling the idea, it was zipped Yes We were required to zip the idea. It’s very modest simple site for my 10th mark class. HTML folder possesses 4 pages many with one impression, 3 links along with a paragraph on them, and the images folder had the particular four images to the HTML pages. would it be that i didnt improve the images right because links are furthermore buttons i made on fireworks. regards

for the links i am hoping you used anchor text over the graphic rather then text while in the image, this has related to seo.

an excellent article i found
http: //betterexplained. com/articles/how-to-optimize-your-site-with-gzip-compression/

and i imagine if you should zip then you could have touched down upon php. if not we’d ask your teacher why these are putting the cart leading to a horse.
http: //php. net/manual/en/function. ob-gzhandler. php.

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