Provides anyone used sitegrinder for you to program their website from photoshop Looking for a few feedback on easy use, and the time you can select flash like outcomes and such.

Many thanks

I in person hate anything far more WYSIWYG than Dreamweaver.

post second that nevertheless further. learn the actual code bro.

many thanks Breezy, useful advice.

It is definitely. Anyone in this business who will be serious about what they are doing will tell that you learn the languages in order to make real web pages. Until somebody codes a WYSIWYG that may clean up after itself and make use of compliant tags, which to the very best of my knowledge is far away off, you’re simply shooting yourself inside the foot using those — even when it’s for zero other reason than the fact that search engines DETEST messy code.: spectacles:

I’m not just a programmer, nor am I thinking about becoming one. I guess Sitegrinder is some people will need a basic, low cost answer. I was just keen on feedback one means or another… so thanks.

HTML PAGE and CSS aren’t " code", per se. They’re markup languages.

Products are series’ associated with commands that makes functionality (e. gary the gadget guy. upload a graphic, resize it, and add your link of it for a database).

Markup is often a text-based way associated with defining how something is presented. It is an integral part of web design. Unless you know how in order to mark up your design, you’re handicapping yourself to be a designer.

What you’re saying would be akin to a new programmer saying " I’m not just a DB admin, I don’t need to find out SQL" or a strong Architect saying " I am not an specialit, I don’t need to find out how to draw. "

Positive, you could can your job inside a satisfactory way implementing tools that make yourself easier, but you’ll for no reason be as very good or as economical as someone that is dedicated himself to learning the many tools of his / her trade.

So the point is, if you wish to be a top-notch wp website designer, learn HTML and CSS. If you would like to be a video artist who helps make second-rate websites, then don’t. Up for you.

word smose.

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