SITEMAP.XML along with DYNAMIC content

Hey, I merely read a bit information regarding the sitemap.xml matter for search engines like yahoo and I’ve one dilemma.You are supposed to put all of your websites pages in to the sitemap.xml but let’s say your site has dynamic content and new pages are added each day You usually are hardly supposed to edit your sitemap.xml everytime an innovative page is definitely added.

I be aware that you will not do in which because it is just an excessive amount work but My organization is confused that if you only get 10 pages in your sitemap.xml will certainly google exclusively index these people 10 websites Or will certainly it complete its typical job along with follow hyperlink after link with your site and also index these people all

What could be the point in the sitemap.xml while you can just have a typical sitemap.php which usually loads each and every page with the database auto-magically and revisions automatically Bless you.

Google can index your site regardless if you use a sitemap or perhaps not.Sitemaps are intended to help search engines find pages particularly if you were required to use unorthodox backlinks.

To circumvent the issue you’re having you may do either belonging to the following:-

1) Make a script which will dynamically create the sitemap all the time it can be requested (could often be a PHP or perhaps a perl script with regard to example).Sitemaps are certainly not required to obtain the.xml extension (although when you really sought too you may mod edit the url)

2) Create a script that may be executed through cron which automatically creates your sitemap stick to day.The selling point of this usually it is definately not server intensive as it only runs once (if you process it as per option ONE if Google or almost every other search serps gets through zealous it is going to just retain regenerating throwing away CPU power).

Yes Choice 2 is great

Also there is another option that one could generate your sitemap in every replace.i.age.whenever any page is created or removed.


Well.Would you think that every day that may be more than enough (not enough but effective)

Thanks for the replies.I’m sure I’ll select option 2.

Actually Posted through ServerPoint Properly.Do people think that every day that may be plenty of (not plenty of but effective) Well that really depends at how frequently Google is visiting for the site to retrieve the sitemap.When you find it can be more frequent you can always arranged the cron running more usually.

There are usually plugins/add-ons available which will automatically make sitemaps.As an example:in blogger, MyBB discussion board, plugins automatically create sitemaps.

I suggest you decide on one for any script that you’ll be using in your site.

Initially Posted by way of angilina You will find plugins/add-ons available that will automatically create sitemaps.A

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