"Skip-Link" command not recognized

In order to clean up several html, I suppose I’ve inadvertently transformed a css command line that adjusts our upper menu icon. I now see a link for your " new home" site. This has pushed by menu items into the right and messed up an organization of social mass media icons.

WHEN I notice a " skip-link" order within an " access" type command. But I do think the command is not being recognized. The particular syntax looks okay… so not sure what’s screwed up.

Any help can be appreciated and benefits a useful non-profit.

Gives thanks,

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In your default CSS track, I see this particular…

div. skip-link
showcase: none;

Hence, the skip-link div must not be showing.

I’m wondering if there could be a CSS document cached, where containing changed,
just what exactly I’m seeing in the file is not actually what on earth is being loaded

It is also suspicious… Truly never seen this particular before with Live journal…

< physique class=" wordpress y2010 m09 d29 h22 page pageid-383 page-author-admin page-template page-template-page-home-php" >

Is always that something that pertains to caching strange.


Now i’m just learning in relation to " skip-link"… I know what it is suppose to complete, but am uncertain how it makes called into activity. Everything I’ve learned about it assumes I understand more than I do. SIGH.

OK – I became at WordCamp Montreal that past weekend which topic actually appear in a conversation about accessibility. I can’t remember the exact conversation but Used to do make a stage of looking the item up and this is what I discovered (cut ‘n composite from wpmu. org):
A skip url is included with the like navigational content towards main page written content.

Here is the particular skip link rule in Twenty 10:

It is more preferable to have your skip link apparent for keyboards end users, or at lowest appear on concentrate. Unfortunately this doesnt take place with Twenty 10. Again this can be a theming issue which is up to individual theme designers to incorporate a skip link into their theme. You can read here about how exactly to add skip links in your own theme. Ideally you may have a skip link at the bottom as well to let your visitors return to the top.
I am still working away at how to incorporate this into your newer twenty-eleven theme which i am using your a base for startong to create child themes.
There’s particulars here – http: //themeshaper. com/2009/03/30/wordpress-menu-tricks/.
I hope several of this helps anyone out – when I said, My business is still trying to work it out.

Thanks. I will consider these links.

The good news is way to present the content very first and render the particular skip navigation link obsolete… eventually. However, at the current time it requires a certain amount of advanced knowledge with CSS and setting, and I do not recommend it pertaining to newcomers (although POST use it on a regular basis and have also been for six years).

The key is to found the content first after which use positioning as well as negative margins for getting your other features (sidebar menus, and so on. ) where you wish them.

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