So What do you think about Magento?

Greetings everyone – I’m looking at Magento, and all of the reviews I are seeing are from last year +, so I ‘m wondering what you approach it. Is it simple to operate

If you’re just doing a basic installation, it can be great. We did a highly customized installation for the customer, and it absolutely was a pain from the arse, what with all the current Mage and Zend clutter. Furthermore, it seems to run really slowly. Not sure if it’s designed to be run with just about any Zend optimizer. Could appreciate info upon that btw.

Hi there smoseley,

Maybe you have tried Verson ONE. 3 It is out with friends now and immediately after updating it Relating to found my magento shopping cart runs plenty faster now.

We put it to use for our fresh web stores that will clients request, having previously used our very own solution. I haven’t done it personally, but I hear second-hand:

  • It’s based from the Zend Framework
  • It’s complex as hell to get no reason sometimes
  • It has some pseudo-framework, defeating the purpose of using Zend to start with because the a pair of fight constantly.

A random problem is the fact it needs a new case-sensitive filesystem, or so we’ve determined.

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