Solution to tie together vB 3.8.x, Magento, and FaceBook logins?

I’ve truly found some fairly cheap mods (< $100) that will allow you to sign in to some Magento cart using a Facebook login, and another that lets you link Magento accounts to somewhat of a vBulletin account. This may or may not allow anyone to indirectly log in the forum with a new Facebook account. A direct mod to enable you to link a vBulletin account to some Facebook account could well be ideal of training. I know that some Utilized to exist, but either hi-def work anymore, or they’re not even close stable.

Anyone know of a free / paid solution due to this issue

Don’t forget, vB 3. 7. x, NOT vB FIVE. x! I was fully aware which vB 4. x has Facebook login constructed into it, but that isn’t an option. Neither is XenForo.

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