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Hey there all, this is definitely my first posting here. I’ve been designing an internet site . for about seven days now for a strong independent business, nevertheless am having several issues. Let’s start right in the following.

This reference site: online world. brulelaw. com/menu. html

Quite a few problems: If an individual re-size text merely and scroll in and out, the menu get quite whacky. Apparently I did not code one thing right or are missing something, nevertheless even in my ‘test’ template, along with removing height qualities, it still takes place.

Likewise, the News Field. If I type text that is longer that the width in the ‘box’ than that text just writes itself write on to the website! I would like it to be contained in the News Box and am undecided why this occurs.

Any more problems you can view would be pleasant to hear/be corrected on also.


You’re not going to fix problems that adheres to that with plain copy. That’s the nature of plain wording… even if you place it as the fixed font width, browsers will usually ignore that and allow an individual to resize it for them to read it.

Regarding the menu, a common solution is either for making your menu things graphic (the uncomplicated way) or utilize a tool like Cufon intended for font substitution (the challenging way, and doesn’t work for people with Javascript disabled).

Regarding the news container… either use compact words or make a wider news field. This won’t work every one cases either, however it will work around more cases than you had before.

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