Something wrong with my integration.

Hi everyone, my these people : Josh George and also I own Web host Highway. ( http: //www. thehosthighway. net ) At the moment I’m trying to integrate WHMCS towards my design, im sure lots of you know what which is. For those who dont it is just a automated billing system. Please look below. http: //www. thehosthighway. net/billing

I need the content containing somehow made it’s method to the bottom of the page in the actual white space. I have my divs drastically wrong or something. To tell you the truth i do not know what is completely wrong. Could anyone support me

What content have you been talking about

When it’s that " language" selector you’re discussing…
it is appearing where you wish it to appear… after the < table> (at the particular bottom).

Everything looks in my opinion like it’s purported to render the way you’ve coded the item.

The only thing which i see is most of the right column images usually are not displaying.
images/support. jpg

My business is not sure simply how much control you have covering the code, but it would easier to develop an unordered list for anyone links, in my estimation.

< ul>
< li> < /li>
< /ul> 

Then you definitely could call all those images in CSS.

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